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"Dr Garg has impeccable bedside manners. He handled my questions about breast augmentation with lot of sensitivity and compassion. I felt very comfortable during my consultation and post procedure care. I am very pleased with my outcome."


"I had developed bulge around my stomach area . Dr Garg had detailed discussion with me and suggested me all round approach. I was happy after liposuction . He provided me lot of guidance for maintenance of outcome . I am very thankful to this professional team."


"Dr Garg explained my problem in detail and offered me treatment options. He performed key hole approach for gynecomastia surgery. He took very good care of me after the procedure.Two months later, I am very satisfied with outcome."


"I had lot of anxiety before my marriage due to hair loss and skin issues. Dr Garg performed hair transplant and offered skin treatment for me. He was very professional and thorough in his approach . I had great experience with him."


"My experience had been great right from the first appointment and through my multiple sessions during my skin rejuvenation program. He mixed multiple techniques during my treatment and ensured great outcome. Thank you so much."


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