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31 July 2019 / by Admin

Gynecomastia ( male breast enlargement)
What is teenage gynecomastia?

It is common for a plastic surgeon to see many young boys extremely worried over enlarged breast during their teen years. This enlargement is usually the outcome of hormonal changes happening during puberty and most of the times this can resolve on its own and doesn't require any surgical intervention, but some of the these boys may continue to have a large breast into their 20s and they may be helped with surgical procedure.

What is commonly Gynecomastia?

Most common cause of male breast enlargement observed in young men in their twenties and thirties is a collection of fatty tissue. Many of them may have small gland in addition to fatty tissue . Almost always in all these cases it is not exactly known how this kind of enlargement happens. This is always painless and may have glandular tissue associated with this enlargement . Many times it can be part of the overall weight gain and obesity. This kind of male breast enlargement surely does not need any detailed investigation or workup.

Why gynecomastia does not resolve with exercise and weight loss?

Collection of tissue in male breast during period weight gain may not resolve even after shedding those extra kilos. it is common to see many young men with chiseled and muscular frames and having spent hours in gym to get rid of male boobs turning up in my office with lot of frustration. This is usually the nature of human body that it may not lose fat deposits from areas like male chest and love handles , even when an individual has attained his ideal weight. Surgical correction is the way forward in such cases.

What are non ordinary reasons of gynecomastia?

Enlarged male breast can be because of chronic use of some drugs over the years, alcoholism, substance abuse,heroin intake, anabolic steroids, certain kind of dietary supplements, performance enhancing drugs etc. Continued use of these substances may lead to recurrence of gynecomastia even after surgical correction.

Can gynecomastia happen again after surgical correction ?

Gynecomastia does not happen again once it has been surgically removed except under exceptional circumstances like extraordinary weight gain, use of some particular drugs which lead to male breast enlargement or some other associated medical issue.

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