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31 July 2019 / by Admin

Breast Augmentation( breast implant surgery)

We live in an era when appearance is of prime importance. This is all the more true in case of women . Over entire civilisational history of human race breast had been symbol of female sexuality and fertility. In modern times when everything is evaluated in terms of its appearance the breast had become all the more important for women.

So many women suffer from poor self image due to there poor perception of breast. This poor self image can be because of small size, asymmetry, deformity or scaring. Out of these small size of breasts is the most common cause of frustration and poor self image for young women.

Breast augmentation is like a boon in such cases.

Why do breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is one such procedure of short duration of two hours which can completely transform a woman's sense of physical and mental wellbeing and which refllects in her personal and intimate life. This procedure had been around for many decades now. Not just that this particular procedure also enjoys one of the highest gratification levels both for individual and the surgeon.

How breast augmentation is done?

I have always believed in silicone implant augmentation. Over the years, many different kind of implants like saline filled, memory gel and autologous fat grafting have been introduced, but I still believe silicone implant provides quickest and safest means of providing a woman with adequate augmentation. Breast augmentation is performed under general anaesthesia and this usually takes around one and half to two hours and almost always doesn't require stay in the hospital. Usually silicone implants are placed behind your breast tissue By making use of small incision placed either in in breast fold or in the armpit. recovery from the procedure can take around one week but may vary from person to person.

How safe are the silicone implants for breast augmentation?

I have seen that many women when start exploring about breast enhancement online the first and foremost concern they have is around cancer associated with breast implants. Nobody can deny that over all these years while millions of women have undergone breast implant enhancement these controversies have appeared every now and then. We have also seen that almost always most of these concerns had been found based on poor research. We always employ the safest pair of breast implants for patients.

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